John Haughm 1865 // 1895: CAST.IRON.BLOOD. CD

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John Haughm

1865 // 1895: CAST.IRON.BLOOD.

1. CAST in the shape of 1878 (4:44)

2. A river of IRON flows where once the gallows stood (12:22)

3. Grave nails & BLOOD trails (3:41)

4. The Scars Maketh The Man (10:19)

5. Pale Horse // Morbid Nomad (4:09)

6 Loop 8 (The Crossing) (9:53)

The 2nd full-length solo album from John Haughm, “1865 // 1895: Cast.Iron.Blood.”, is the followup to “+37.717364 // -117.247955: The Last Place I Remember” and continues the wayward journey of the dystopian 19th century nomad as he navigates the inter-dimensional desert. It is the 2nd in what is intended to be a trilogy and takes on a more fully orchestrated soundtrack approach.

“1865 // 1895 : CAST.IRON.BLOOD.” was recorded between July - Oct 2019 in Seattle with Tad Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth) where great effort was taken to create a production that had depth and power while maintaining the antiquated tone and dusty atmosphere of the time period it evokes.

…in steadfast spirit of the years 1870, 1889, and 1897…

Housed in a beautifully embossed digiwallet with a glued-in 24 page booklet
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