JOHN HAUGHM - 46​°​59'15​.​9"N // 120​°​32'15​.​4"W: The Devil​’​s Coil , Gatefold CD

John Haughm The Devil​’​s Coil

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1. The anatomical dissection and postmortem medical examination of John Lewis DL Haughm following his execution by hanging in September 1899 19:20

2. The Devil's Coil, Suite I - The Spectral Keeper 05:03

3. The Devil's Coil, Suite II - To Thine Barbed Wire Noose Be True 05:41

4. The Devil's Coil, Suite III - A Fine Hymn to Die To 09:29

5. 11:02 PM (Winter of 1889) 06:01


The 2nd full-length solo album from John Haughm, “1865 // 1895: Cast.Iron.Blood.”, is the followup to “+37.717364 // -117.247955: The Last Place I Remember” and continues the wayward journey of the dystopian 19th century nomad as he navigates the inter-dimensional desert. It is the 2nd in what is intended to be a trilogy and takes on a more fully orchestrated soundtrack approach.

the 3rd and final installment of the Nomad Trilogy. It is an eclectic and largely somber record depicting the the end of the mortal world and the beginning of the Nomad’s spiritual journey. A full circle back to “The Last Place I Remember” with bursts of film score elements that appeared on “Cast.Iron.Blood.”

The album begins with a 19 minute medical dissection and funeral soundscape utilizing only instruments available in the late 19th Century - harmonium, cello, piano, zithers, a 78 recording played on a Berliner phonograph, and various dissection tools. The cello was composed and performed by the excellent Kakophonix (Osi & The Jupiter) and the result sounds like a despairing Henryk Górecki collaboration with Current 93 inside an 1890s museum of the macabre.

The spiral continues with the The Devil’s Coil suite, which evolves from lush atmospheric and haunting Mellotron choral passages, fuge organ, harmonica, and banjo into a grandiose metallic crescendo and back to the somber plucks of piano and noise scape accompaniment.


released May 3, 2024

Recording co-production & sound effects provided by T.S. HEIKKINEN

Condemned to tape by the honorable GUS ELG

Drums & percussion recorded at Studio E in Mellrichstadt, Germany &

engineered by MARKUS STOCK // Spectral organ ensemble assembled and conducted by W. N. III (1825-1911) // The excellent KAKOPHONIX composed and performed the funeral cello for “The anatomical dissection” in the City of Angels // EDOUARD-LEON SCOTT DE MARTINVILLE contributed voice to “Suite II” in 1860 // The Berliner Gramophone near the dissection table played the brand new 1899 violin recording of CHOPIN’s “Nocturne Op. 9 No.2” 

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