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Where most black metal revels in stories of fictional deities, benign and malignant, Spyhorelandet wallows in everyday themes. Like the cover art, the music contained therein contains the naked truth. When you peel back the skin, no matter how beautiful, what is left is the ugly personal histories each of us carries. Throughout Spyhorelandet, naked inhabitants of our world are quoted directly. For many of whom, defeat is their best and sometimes only asset.


1. Det dritet som renner ut i ua

2. Harde ord på kammerset

3. Spyhorelandet

4. Faen!

5. Mig og drit

6. Skævven

7. Kon-tiki museet brenner

8. Den gamle jorda

9. Drokkne i ei flo ta åske

" Ultimately, Spyhorelandet is beyond merely intriguing, but a free-flowing stream of agony and amusement that truly bridges its disparate influences into a urtical union. Highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned SHINING, LIK, VIRUS/VED BUENS ENDE or the more straightforward but similarly evocative Norse collaboration. " SARKE

" FROM THE DUSK RETURNED "Progressive, Avant-garde, experimental, call it what you will, as a total immersion experience, Spyhorelandet is no exception. Remarkable, this is recommended listening.

" SEA OF TRANQUILITY "Hier trifft skandinavische Raserei auf avantgardistische Dissonanzen, doomige Landschaften werden von suizidal-depressivem Wahnsinn heimgesucht. Und wem das noch nicht genug und wahnwitzig genug ist, der möge sich im melancholischen Saxophon-Spiel des mysteriösen Gastmusikers verlieren.

" METALGLORY "... jede Menge Layer musikalischer Schichten voller Details greifen wie perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte, aber unterschiedlich grosse Zahnräder ineinander, da wird auch der hunderste Durchlauf des Albums garantiert nicht langweilig." METAL DISTRICT

Format CD (album)
Packaging Jewelcase, CD featuring a full colour 12 page booklet with outstanding cover.
Cat.Nr. Eisen063
Barcode 4250088501449
Release date 2012

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