SILENT LEGES INTER ARMA - Silent Leges Inter Arma, Slipcase 2DigiCD

SILENT LEGES INTER ARMA - Silent Leges Inter Arma

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Limited 2CD edition, includes the "Synästhesie" MCD from 2009 as bonus.

Formed in 2007 and having released one EP via Deviant Records in 2009, this self-titled album is the band's long-brewing debut full-length. Offering eigth tracks of varied and contemporary black/death metal packed in a powerfull yet sonically natural production. The band represents once more their own unconsumed, ambitious, and honest way of “modern European black metal” - "Silent leges inter arma" was a quote from the Roman politician and philosopher Cicero. Roughly translated, it means "Under the weapons the laws keep silent."

"...a fine album with a strong energy and creativity which has plenty for any black and melodic metal fans” – THE RINGMASTER

"Recommended to those dabbling in the black and death realms who want more than the standard, run-of-the-mill act. A great and exciting release from a band that I recommend you keep an eye on” – METAL-ARCHIVES.COM

“While this band has no ‘fancy’ elements on their music, their songwriting abilities makes their sound be old school and brutal while still having some modern elements that makes them very unique-sounding. If this sounds weird, just imagine SEPULTURA circa Morbid Visions with modern BM elements” – INFERNAL MASQUERADE

1. We Are
2. Falcon-Headed One
3. I Will Hunt You Down
4. Beyond The Light
5. Shades
6. For The Dead
7. Wings
8. In Shadows Again

Product Info

Format 2CD (album+ep)
Packaging Digipack with booklet (cd) and cardsleeve (ep) housed inside a slipcase. All made of black card stock and golden prints.
Limitation 270
Cat.Nr. Eisen064L
Barcode 4250088502293
Release date October 26, 2012

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