Various Artists - Spectral Echoes Compilation (Slipcase CDr)

Various Artists - Spectral Echoes

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"Spectral Echoes" invites you into a realm where acoustic melodies and enigmatic sound design meld with ethereal ambience, offering a captivating blend of dark ambient and atmospheric folk. The album compiles songs from 10 different artists, each weaving their unique soundscapes to evoke emotions both haunting and sublime.

Released via Savo-Karelian Productions.


Juggoth - Dreams In the Shades

John Haughm - Grave Nails & Blood Trails (version II)

Far From Remains - Sixteen Elements

Art of the Black Blood - Headless Angel

Lauluntekijä - Miellys metsä, kostu korpi

Ubbe & Visbur - Yggdrasil faller (Bindrune version)

SeaNoir - Whispers of the Deep

Into the Frost - Builder's Journey

Enter Cthulhu - The Black Planets

Kerran Kuljetut Tiet - Poppelin hurme

Product Info

Format CDr (album)
Packaging Classic jewelcase with handmade black cardboard slipcase.
Release date April 20th, 2024

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