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L'ACEPHALE - L'Acéphale, MC

L'ACEPHALE - L'Acéphale, MC

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Keeping within the spirit of the headless cult, the always evolving and self-defining project of Set Sothis Nox La now sets out to unleash their new and self-titled album; ten years after their last full length.

The tracks on this titanous, 74-minute magnum opus offer a varied, yet focused, listen with copious tension. While staying committed to their extreme metal roots and historical, literary themes, L'Acéphale incorporates and shines brightly with elements of monumental dark folk, spoken word, black metal, and almost martial artforms. On seven epic-length tracks, spiraling with monolithic auras and blasting with furious whirlwinds, L'Acéphale appears at once aloof, yet savage with wild abandon, while at times delicate, but still unbreakable.L' Acéphale is as avant-garde as you can get, while raging with blistering and cacophonous ferocity.  

Recorded over the course of six years at various locations, with primary recording and final mixing taking place at Gabriel Espinoza’s studio, the Hellhole. Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion in Portland, Oregon.  

Illustrations by Markus Wolff (Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Agalloch, Antlers) and layout design by John Haughm (Pillorian, ex-Agalloch). With fine band photography captured by Veleda Thorsson,


Side A:

1.Sovereignty: (Dieu – Die Sonne stirbt – Sovereignty)  

2.Gloria in Excelsis Mihi 


4.Hark! The Battle – Cry is Ringing! 

Side B:  

5.Last Will  



Product Info

Format Cassette (album)
Packaging professionally duplicated tapes with full-color cover and printed tapes
Limitation 100
Cat.Nr. Eisen142
Barcode n/a
Release date April 19th, 2019

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