NUSQUAMA - Horizon Ontheemt, LP

NUSQUAMA - Horizon Ontheemt, LP

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A new apparition on the firmament of Dutch Black Metal, Nusquama offers a clear and purposeful performance on their first effort. The bands’ name is derived from Latin and was initially used by Thomas More to refer to the necessity and impossibility of a hopeful alternative. Further thematic inspiration is drawn from the pre-romantic poetry of Elizabeth Maria Post.  

Nusquama delivers a style of black metal that will be evident to those who are familiar with the musicians making up the band: N. and S. from Laster and Northward provide bass and guitar melodies, while M. of Fluisteraars delivers the foundational drum patterns. Finally, T. and O. from Turia complete the lineup with vocals and guitars respectively.

Written over a two-year period, and recorded in September of 2018 in a 19th-century coach house, the six songs making up this record will sound at once like a convergence of the musicians’ other projects while seeking out uncharted paths in unforeseen ways. Moving between prideful stoicism and venomous rage, longing affirmation, and vitriolic despair.


Side A

1. De Aarde Dorst

2. Wrevel

3. Vuurslag 

Side B

4. Eufrozyne

5. Ontheemd

6. Met Gif Doordrenkt

Product Info

Format 12" (album)
Packaging Solid sleeve and thick 12" insert on special brown recycled card stock, black paper inner sleeve with a protective layer and designed dropcard for download of the album.
Vinyl Classic black, 180g
Limitation 500
Cat.Nr. Eisen141
Barcode 4260393741003
Release date March 22nd, 2019

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