VELNIAS - Sovereign Nocturnal, LP

180g vinyl in super sturdy gatefold sleeve with booklet

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180g vinyl in a super sturdy gatefold sleeve with booklet, both printed on thick, rough, grey recycling stock.

 Originally issued in 2008 and published under several different pressings since then, this reworked and public re-edition of the bands debut „Sovereign Nocturnal“ comes with deluxe packaging and new stunning artwork. Hailing from Colorado, USA, Velnias came into being in late 2006 and established themself by force of steady and captivating live performances throughout the years, be it single concerts and rituals or tours with the likes of Agalloch, Mournful Congregation or the recent EU appearances with Kampfar. With three songs and a total running time of over 40 minutes, „Sovereign Nocturnal“ is widely described as a harmonic combination of sorrowful black metal with a sprawling doom atmosphere, combined with elements of folk & moody acoustic passages. Their musical foundation, with intertwined tracks of long brooding atmospheric monuments and feral yet fragile riffs with healthy traces of folk, manage to invoke the sense of a moonlit forest and the spirits within, nature's majesty and humanities irrevocable demise.

1. Into Arms of Oak (12:16)
2. Risen of the Moor (14:06)
3. Sovereign Nocturnal (14:53)

Product Info

Format 12" (album)
Packaging Sturdy gatefold sleeve with heavy 12" booklet, both printed on thick, rough, grey recycling card stock.
Vinyl 180g vinyl, grey or black
Limitation 250 / 250
Cat.Nr. Eisen082
Release date 2014

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