SKOGEN - I Döden, DLP (Eisen091)

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VINYL EDITION OF THE ACCLAIMED 4th ALBUM! Published under license from Nordvis. SKOGEN returns with their latest album "I Döden" (In Death), the fourth mark in their legacy of bleak, dark and highly atmospheric musical adventures. Taking a few steps back to the days of "Vittra" and "Svitjod" SKOGEN manage to blend the past, with new elements that take their always recognizable sound further ahead. "I Döden" is a gloomy journey through hollow stone lands that places it's listener on a pedal of northern darkness and death! Haunting and intelligent, as a whole I Döden captures the underlying unease in being alive felt in the moments in between, where there often lies the unspoken yearning for the eternal sleep." - ROCK'N REEL REVIEWS "The three Swedes have compiled an hour of farsighted, contemplative black metal - not quite folk, even though quiet acoustic passages exist; often raucous but with the sharpest edges all filed away by performance and productions choices, all to enhance the mood." - DECIBEL "I Döden is probably the perfect album for walking through the forest." - CRONICLES OF CHAOS Record details: - solid reverse board printed gatefold sleeve (rough) - double white vinyl in poly-lined innersleeve - A2 poster on uncoated paper (rough) - extended layout for vinyl - vinyl adjusted mastering - 3 bonustracks - limited to 400 copies Tracklist: A1. Vargher 00:43 A2. I döden 07:02 A3. När himlen svartnar 07:36 A4. Solarvore 06:54 B1. Livets Ruin 04:24 B2. Griftenatt 07:24 B3. Midvintergraven 04:23 B4. Svartskogen 06:28 C1. Tihra Dautha 04:19 C2. Pestvind 07:35 C3. Radioactivity 05:51 D1. Sleep 13:17

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