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Limited Audio-Cassette Edition - Mailorder Exclusive Color

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On their fourth full-length album "Stave", Osi and the Jupiter provide listeners with a unique journey through the delicate sounds of what may have been believed to be long lost; allowing for a truly immersive experience that is informed by the innate mysticism still dwelling beneath the surface of their native Appalachian region of eastern Ohio.


1. To Reap What Has Sown

2. Stave

3. Cosmic Creation Through Primordial Void

4. Folk Of The Woods

5. Wights (feat. Anilah)

6. Old Ways

7. Inner Flame

8. Mountain Shamanism

9. In Death (Carry Me Home) (feat. Michał Krawczuk / By the Spirits)

10. Eihwaz (The Beating Heart of Yew)

11. Appalachia

Format Cassette (album)
Packaging Professionally duplicated tapes with special, fold-out cover and designed download card for the digital album.
Shell Clear with black ink
Cat.Nr. Eisen192
Limitation 50 copies
Barcode n/a
Release date August 27th, 2021

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